Wander Green

We are Damian and Eliane, a couple in our forties who decided to escape the “normal” and travel full time. It all started with an epiphany on a Sunday morning walk during which we were dreaming aloud of traveling the world once we retired. Our initial idea was to save money to buy and run an eco-friendly vegan B&B until retirement, and after that travel the world. But then the thought popped up: “What if we die before we are in our 60’s”?
Life is too precious and short. There’s so much more to life than work, sleep, eat and repeat. We want to spend our time in nature, visiting different cities, meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds, and learning about life’s many wonders. What better way to do that than by traveling full time while we’re still young enough to fully enjoy ourselves? As soon as we had those thoughts we had set our intention:
Work less – Travel more – Keep it green
We hope sharing our experience through wander.green will help inspire others and improve the ecologic footprint of other like-minded humans.
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Posted on Date:
Friday, February 23, 2018