Serving Green

Serving Green is an international group of developers, designers, B Corps, business owners, data hosts, UX geeks and sustainability experts that care about the future of the world, the future of the web and—why not—the wideness of it all as well. We are a small but growing group of professionals who not only build the web but are also looking to make it greener. Much greener.If we continue to power our websites, applications, digital tools, archives, and data collections with non-renewable energy, we are contributing to the warming of the planet. Here’s the incredible thing: compared to architecting green transportation and engineering heat-resilient crops, it’s not very hard to green our data. There are many things we all can do to to make sure that the apps we build, the data we share, and the sites we visit are both people-friendly and planet-friendly.

Business Owners
  • Use green hosting for websites and apps
  • Work with a sustainability advisor
  • Consider joining the B Corp movement
Designers and Developers
  • Discuss data usage with your clients and colleagues
  • Use less code and create clear page budgets
  • Review page bloat on older websites and applications
Sustainability Executives
  • Work with stakeholders to demand hosting providers go green
  • Take data usage into account for assessing carbon footprints
  • Support Greenpeace's work in evaluating internet energy demands
App Developers and Engineers
  • Check products consistently for performance improvements
  • Use a CDN to deploy content and assets whenever possible
  • Help support the development of green hosting platforms


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Posted on Date:
Thursday, April 19, 2018