RecycleiT’s location was originally Triangle Metal and Paper Salvage started in 1959 by Gene Smith.  First called Triangle Auto parts located on Old Highway 441 was a very heavily traveled road that led from the Orlando area to Leesburg and Ocala,  With new Highway 441 being built, most of his traffic went away the day they opened 441.  Looking for another source of income, Gene started collecting scrap.  Anything recyclable, from paper, magazines, cardboard, rags, junk cars, metal of any kind. That business grew to a include several cranes for handling scrap steel,  a crew in the steel yard using cutting torches all day, two portable car crushers that traveled all over Florida, paper balers for news print, a paper hogger that chopped up cardboard into small pieces the size of file box covers that fed a baler.  Gene shipped paper all over the south east United States and Mexico.  The non ferrous part of the business also grew to the point that needed several people preparing aluminum and copper to go to market.  Aluminum cans was a big business.  Gene built his own can flattener, with a magnetic separator and blower that blew cans into a 40 foot trailer.  Its flattened cans had such speed that they ate a hole in the front of the first trailer.  Gene hired Al Ritchie to work for him in 1976. If you are looking to recycle, this is the place for you!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018