GrowUp is the exclusive distributor of the Vicinity Modular Vertical Garden in North America. Their greenwall system is both flexible and cost effective, offering professional, residental and farming solutions. 

These green walls are fully complete on the day they are planted. The unique pots are descreet and movable, allowing design flexibility for your green wall. "From a small 20 pot home veggie growing solution, to a full scale commercial project, the GrowUp system can adapt to meet the requirements" explains 

Images courtesy of GrowUp


GrowUp and the .GREEN Domain Name Choice

For GrowUp, .green was an apt choice for their website domain. The .green domain name extension cleverly depicts the brand's services and industry. A strategic way to enter the rapidly growing Green Economy and the Global Green Movement, .green domain names are an ideal way for individuals to identify organizations, companies, and products that are leaders in the current global shift toward sustainability. 

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019