At FLOWE.green (For the Love Of Water & Energy), we’re saving the Earth’s dwindling water and energy resources one household fixture at a time.
We understand that people want to be environmentally friendly, but don’t necessarily want to invest a ton of time figuring out how. We’ve created four energy saving devices that save massive amounts of water and take under 2 minutes to install in your home — no training required!
Simply put: FLOWE.green conceptualizes and develops easy-to-install and use water and energy saving products. Our first device is a hands-free faucet controller that saves 80% of household faucet water and energy — and it’s got a fun name too!
FLOWE.green is headquartered in California — one of many states riddled in a decades-long drought. The last reservoir California built was in 1975, when the state’s population was 14.5 million people.  Today, there are over 40 million people living in California, and our infrastructure is collapsing; California is in a continual state of emergency.
However, we remain hopeful that circumstances could change for the better. As a society, we have collectively been trending towards health, wellness, and sustainable living. Issues related to our planet’s well-being are becoming more real every day.
People want change. People are ready for change. FLOWE.green is providing that change.
Riding the success of smarthome products and user-friendly water saving devices, FLOWE.green products like WooD™ will revolutionize the water and energy market and help save our planet’s finite resources.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018