Elemental Green

Did you know buildings account for 70% of electricity use and 40% of CO2 emissions in the US?

Elemental Green is your resource for green home building and restoration.

Elemental Green is a digital media company with a mission to make green home building and renovation the status quo. There’s no reason not to and every reason to make it the norm. Plus, green building is exploding! New products and technologies are entering the market all the time and they are more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Whether you’re building from scratch or making some minor renovations, Elemental Green is there to help. Browse for the perfect products, get inspired from other people’s projects, and learn why and how sustainable solutions are best for your home. Whatever you’re searching for, spend some time looking around their Elemental Green's .GREEN website.

Also, whether you're plotting on building your own dream green home, or want to share your thoughts on the eco renovation movement, share it on a .GREEN website. Nothing says eco-friendly from the jump like a .GREEN domain name.

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Posted on Date:
Monday, April 13, 2020