Aliet Green

Aliet Green is a woman owned social enterprise, developed to introduce potential, innovative and specialty products from small producers to the world. Aliet Greens works with small farmers who produce products in harmony with local nourished environment and local values, combined with international standards to produce only a socio-ecological environment for resulted products that are high values for consumers and producers all at once.


Aliet Green Operation Site

Aliet Green Operation Site


It is a quality leader for gluten-free organic Coconut Sugar and full service provider to the wholesalers, retailers, processors and food service markets, for a vast array of organic, fair trader certified as well as natural food ingredients, focusing on quality integrity for our valued customers. 



The .GREEN Domain Name

Aliet Green's devotion to providing a vast array of organic, fair trader certified, and natural food ingredients makes them a great addition to the .GREEN domain name family! 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019