The Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration

The Center for Regenerative Design and Collaboration, CRDC, is a Costa Rican based company that understands a proactive and integrated approach must to be taken in order to harmonize a growing populations need with the resulting pressures they put on the environment. It is important we rethink our past and continue to reinvent our future with the management and recovery process of plastic waste as a resource in a growing Circular Economy.
Now, after years of investigation, research and prototyping the CRDC is ready to introduce an innovative zero waste packaging process and product designed and patented by the company’s founder, Donald Thomson, and a dedication team of experienced industrial, retail, housing and capital market professionals in New York and Puerto Rico.
Their Mission is to change the perception of the inefficiency of the recycling process while promoting responsible consumption through the introduction of new ways to address and decelerate the proliferation of plastic waste while promoting regenerative actions and responsibilities. CRDC will work with national and international academics, forward thinking business and corporate entitles, housing and shelter thought leaders and the global investment community to promote a productive cultural, environmental and industrial collaboration.
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Monday, August 29, 2016